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FlashFXP is a professional FTP client with high transfer speed and FXP support
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FlashFXP is a very popular FTP client. This program enables users to upload and download files to/from FTP servers easily. The program is well known for being very simple and user-friendly. In addition, it supports both FTP and FXP protocols. FXP means the ability to transfer files between two FTP servers that have the FXP feature enabled, without having to download the files from the first FTP server to the client computer, and then upload it to the second FTP server.

You will find almost all the FTP options that you may need - for example, you can upload files as BINARY, or ASCII. The upload type can also be automatically determined by the program. Another option enables you to predefine your preferred action if the files that you are downloading/uploading already exist on your computer or on the remote FTP server. One of the wonderful features of this program is a site manager which can store an unlimited number of remote FTP servers' login details, and has the ability to create categories and subcategories for your FTP servers. The program's local file manager, on the other hand, allows you to browse your local files easily and drag and drop the files directly to/from your remote FTP server, which can be browsed the same way as the local file manager.

The latest stable version of this program is 3.6; it has several bug fixes and a few new features added.

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  • Easy to use
  • Fast speed and multiple threads


  • Trial version expires after 30 days
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